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Tips to Save Gas When You’re Running on Empty

Tips to Save Gas When You’re Running on Empty

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Everyone who has traveled a long distance knows the fear that can build up when your car is running on your last gallon and there is no gas station anywhere in sight. You might not even notice your gaslight, or you might know that you’re almost to your destination and you’re trying not to stop. Did you know that there are actually several things you can do to help your gasoline stretch a few extra miles? In Arlington, TX Titan Towing has been helping drivers with a variety of towing related problems for years, and we know just how frustrating it can be to run out of gas while on the road.

When the low fuel warning light is on, the driver tends to react in one of two ways typically. Some people will turn around to fill up at the first available gas station they passed. Other people (they know who they are) will consciously keep going and look for an upcoming station so they can continue on their trip almost uninterrupted. No matter which camp you come from, it would be nice if you had a reasonable idea of ​​how far you could before your car dies.

If your vehicle shows many miles are left in the tank, remember that this is only the best guess for your computer. This function calculates “average mpg” based on your trip over a certain period. While this is a rough idea of ​​how much gas should be left, it’s still only a basic calculation. If you usually spend most of your time on the freeway, the average readings are likely to lean towards more efficient highway mileage data. Depending on where you are though, your actual mileage could be much lower.



Don’t Hesitate to Detour

As soon as the gas light comes on, you should look for a gas station. The gas indicator will usually light up when there are about 30 to 50 miles in the gas tank in most vehicles. Even though this might seem like more than enough distance, if you are on a long freeway without a gas station anywhere nearby, the gas might not be as long-lasting as you think. If you haven’t seen the sign for a long time, you might consider looking for the nearest gas station on your cell phone – even if the closest gas station is behind you or is slightly out of your way. It’s far better to go back and waste a little time than to run out of gas and waste a lot of time.



Turn Off Your AC Unit

If your gas light is on and the nearest gas station is not available, it’s time to do everything you can to save fuel. One way to do this is to turn off the air conditioner or heater. Using air conditioning or heating in your car can reduce fuel consumption by up to 25%. This may seem like a big challenge in winter or summer, but you will be traveling in the same conditions if your car is running out of gas. It is better to struggle with unfavorable temperatures for several minutes than to wait for travel assistance. Think of it this way: If you run out of gas, sit in a hot place and wait for travel assistance in Arlington, TX then you’re likely going to be hot for a whole lot longer than a few minutes.



Be Sure to Roll Up Your Windows

If your window is down, you can save fuel by closing it completely. At high speeds, wind resistance is better when the window is rolled up. If you open the window, the aerodynamics of your car will be reduced and air resistance will be created. However, if you travel less than the speed of the freeway, it probably won’t make much difference. This is probably the last thing you want to hear, especially if you’re also turning off the air conditioner to save fuel.



Contact Titan Towing in Arlington, TX for Roadside Help

At Titan Towing in Arlington, Texas, our team has been helping drivers get out of tough roadside situations for years, and we’re always ready to work with you to take care of any kind of problems including being low on gas. If you need assistance getting to a gas station, or your car has already run out of gas, then don’t hesitate to contact us right away so we can help you as quickly as possible.



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