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Tiny House Towing in DFW

Over the years, Titan Towing has towed more than just cars and trucks in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Take a look at some of the photos on Titan’s Facebook page and you’ll see a Titan truck moving everything from farming equipment to RV’s to U-Hauls with ease and expertise.

Another area of towing that has seen a rapid increase in recent years is tiny houses. Tiny houses have grown in popularity due to their simplicity and the ability for a homeowner to have a lower cost of living. Many people just starting out, and others who have a desire to downsize, have made the move to a tiny house. However, moving a house, no matter how tiny, can be anything but simple. If you don’t own a truck that is capable of towing a tiny house, you may need to hire a professional towing company. Following are some things to consider when making this decision.

Towing Capacity

A truck’s towing capacity, or weight it can tow, is extremely important. Many tiny houses are 15,000 pounds or more, so a truck with a large engine such as a v8 or a v10 will work best. Always check the manufacturer’s guidelines for exactly how much a truck can tow. Different factors to consider include height, weight, and load.

The height of the tiny house as it sits on a trailer has to be considered when towing through areas with low lying trees and bridges. The weight, including the load (anything in the house), must also be factored in to tow the house correctly and effectively. Also, keep in mind that the weight affects the gas mileage. A truck that normally gets 20 miles to the gallon, may get 10 miles a gallon when towing a tiny house.

Condition of Towing Vehicle

In addition to towing capacity, the condition of the truck you’re using to tow with is important. Towing puts extra stress on a vehicle’s engine, cooling system, and brakes. Also, not having correct tire pressure in your vehicle’s tires, can affect gas mileage and steering.


Some accessories are must haves and others are nice to have. A trailer hitch is definitely a necessity and it must be the right hitch to accommodate the weight of the tiny house that you intend to tow. An accessory such as a trailer brake controller helps to slow a truck down when extra weight is being towed and is good to have to help relieve stress on a truck’s brakes.

Legalities and Permits

The trailer for your tiny house should be registered with a valid license plate. In addition, a permit to tow a tiny house usually isn’t needed, but it depends on the size. Check with your local DPS office to make sure a permit is not needed. This will need to be done for every area that you will be traveling in as some states’ requirements are different than others.


Insurance coverage will be needed for your truck, your trailer and your tiny house. This will protect not only you, but anyone else if an accident occurs.

The Route

Planning a route to avoid bridges, traffic, potholes and other things such as utility poles and tree branches is not easy in the DFW area. However, keeping some common sense and avoiding rush hour traffic and trying to tow early in the morning as opposed to at night will help alleviate some stress. Also, having a car drive ahead of you to alert you of any obstacles will help too.

If you don’t have a truck to try to move a tiny house yourself, you can always use a professional company like Titan Towing. It may save  you time, money, and keep your tiny house move as stress free as possible.

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