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Impounded Car Removal

What to do if your car is impounded Trust us when we say we understand …

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Flatbed Towing

Picture this. You’re in your car, driving like any other day, and all of a …

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Fleet Services

Titan Towing offers plenty of different services for people in Tarrant County, Texas. While our …

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High-End Vehicle Towing

If you want to transport your high-end vehicle, you need to rely on a reputable …

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Long Distance Towing

Choose Titan for Long Distance Towing in Texas Driving a car or truck across Texas …

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Vehicle Repossession

Voluntary Vehicle Repossession Titan Towing offers voluntary repossession services to help people easily surrender their …

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Swoop Dispatching

Titan Towing is proud to announce that we have signed up with Swoop to use …

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Abandoned Vehicle Removal

Abandoned or Nuisance Vehicle Removal Before you spend any time or money, first you should …

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Roadside Assistance

Do you need immediate Towing services? Is your car out of gas? Your car won’t …

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Private Property

Do you own a private parking lot and have problems with abandoned vehicles, for sale …

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