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junk car

Got a Junk Car? We Can Take it Off Your Hands

Whether you have an old family vehicle that is now just accumulating dust or a …

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woman looking for dishonest towing services

Watch Out For Dishonest Towing Services!

Dishonest towing services are more common than you’d think. When you’re stranded on the side …

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towing safety for highway tows

Towing Safety Tips From Titan Towing

Towing safety may not be something you learned about in driving school, but it can …

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Professional EV Charging

Assistance For Your Electric Vehicle EV charging stations have yet to be implemented in as …

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Municipal Towing

We offer help when it comes to municipal towing. There are many situations where your vehicle is at risk for municipal towing and times when you may need to call us to get someone’s vehicle off your property. We can help take care of that for you, and if you aren’t sure if the vehicle is abandoned or not we recommend you call the police to make sure the car isn’t stolen.

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Impounded Car Removal

If your car has been impounded, we can help you get it out of the impound lot. We have sympathy for you in this frustrating situation and will talk you through the steps you need to take to get your vehicle out.

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Flatbed Towing

Our flatbed towing trucks are designed to tow with ease. Flatbeds can tow any kind of vehicle with ease due to their large size. They operate with a flatbed that can raise and lower at various angles to assist in the loading process.

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fleet services

Fleet Services

We offer fleet services for our fellow tow companies and other fleets. We have the proper equipment to care for and maintain your trucks so that you don’t have to invest in your own equipment, especially when the equipment is as costly as it is.

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High-End Vehicle Towing

Titan Towing is equipped to tow high-end vehicles. We are careful not to damage or scratch them, and you can rest assured that your new ride will be transported swiftly and safely.

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Long-Distance Towing

We can help with long-distance towing, too. If you’re on a road trip and experience difficulties, you can call us and we will come get you from wherever you are to get you back to the DFW area.

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Vehicle Repossession

We assist in vehicle repossession, both voluntary and involuntary. We can help you keep your dignity if you are looking to voluntarily give your car back for repossession, and we also work with lenders to recover their property.

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Titan Towing is proud to announce that we have signed up with TowBook to use …

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