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We Buy Junk Cars!

Do you have an old car that you need to get rid of? Maybe it doesn’t run at all anymore, or it just is not worth all the repairs that it requires. Whatever the case may be, Titan Towing can offer a solution to your problem. Don’t let those old junk cars become trash that you resent- we can put them to good use!

What are Junk Cars?

Is the car entirely useless or hopelessly obsolete? A car is deemed totaled or completely inoperable when the cost of repairing it exceeds its value, indicating that it is not worth the money required to do so. When people have cars that fit a description like one of these, they generally let the car sit and gather dust somewhere. The car is probably a candidate for a junkyard if the engine won’t start, the model year is old, or the frame is rusted out. If it’s still drivable, think about giving it to a good cause.

When a car is junk, you will normally only have to worry about calling us. You don’t even have the keys when you want to wreck any junk cars! We’ll come to you and take care of everything. Of course, if you are not the legitimate owner, you need the owner’s consent in writing, notarized before you can legally get rid of something.

Get Unwanted Cars Off Your Property

Bring us any unwanted cars you have, and we’ll take them off your hands! Don’t let vehicles sit in your driveway, garage, or anywhere else on your property. Titan Towing can take those cars and put their parts to good use. Calling Titan Towing and making arrangements for your junk cars to be hauled away is a practical way to get rid of what would otherwise be an eyesore on your property. We can help recycle the wasted metal and protect the environment in the process by disposing of any unusable scraps properly.

Give Titan Towing a ring if you require assistance in getting a vehicle removed from your property. We have the necessary tools and skills for the job and our trained drivers can get it done quickly and efficiently. 

One Man’s Junk…

When you junk a car with Titan Towing, not only are you getting rid of something that you don’t want anymore, but you’re supplying us with valuable car parts. We might be able to use your junk cars in many different ways! Sometimes, we’re able to put the entire car to use, if the engine and other important parts are still operable. Other times, we can gut the car for parts that are needed elsewhere to fix other cars. Even the scrap metal is useful! And at the end of it all, we dispose of the unusable scraps in the proper way- meaning no junk is left to rust and become any kind of hazard.

Call Titan Towing Today!

If you have any junk cars on your property, contact Titan Towing! We’ll come and pick up that car from you so you don’t have to worry about it anymore. What are you waiting for? Let’s get that junk off your property!

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