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In 2015, Titan Towing purchased a competitor in Kennedale and has since emerged as a towing business that is second to none. Serving some of the best-known auto shops in Kennedale has allowed Titan Towing to strengthen our name in the towing business as one of affordable quality.

Located just southeast of Fort Worth, Kennedale is a small town with a close-knit community. When you need towing services in Kennedale, look no further than Titan Towing! Our services are available around-the-clock for your towing and roadside assistance requirements. Remember that Titan Towing is on your side if you find yourself stranded on the side of the road in the city or the surrounding region, whether you live in Kennedale or are just visiting. 

For immediate online pricing, call us at 817-804-0334.

Towing Services in Kennedale, TX

Regardless of your circumstance or location, Titan Towing’s highly qualified crew can provide you with reliable towing and roadside assistance. Titan Towing  in Kennedale has the speed and tools you need for a quick rescue, whether you require emergency towing services or just need to get a car out of the way.

Just like some of the well-known raceways here in Kennedale, Titan Towing understands speed and safety with one of the fastest times of arrival. 

Whether you have a custom racecar or a daily driver, Titan Towing is always happy to serve your towing needs.

Our services in Kennedale include:

  • Winch Out
  • Mud Pulls
  • Recoveries

We regularly inspect and maintain the equipment on our towing fleet. This makes it possible for us to complete our work quickly, safely, and effectively. We also frequently update all of our GPS systems so we can find you and remove your car from traffic as soon as possible. Then, to prevent further damage to your property, we’ll move your car safely to its destination. We’re proud to say that our drivers have expertise in hauling everything from forklifts to vintage vehicles and trailers. You can be confident that if it weighs 10,000 pounds or less, we can easily deliver it anywhere you need it.

Safe And Reliable Towing

All of Kennedale and the neighboring areas are serviced by Titan Towing, a prompt and reliable provider of roadside help. No matter where the vehicle is stranded—on a highway, a residential street, or in a parking garage—we offer services for it.

Don’t let a dead battery, empty gas tank, collision, or any number of other issues keep you off the road for any longer than necessary. Call Titan Towing for a quick and easy rescue.

We also offer roadside assistance for:

  • Lock-outs
  • Jump Starts
  • Battery Replacement
  • Fuel
  • Flat Tires

Titan Towing In Kennedale

Please call us at 817-478-7201. Or, use our Quick Quote System for a free instant quote.

We provide FREE parking lot enforcement and abandoned vehicle disposal for landlords and property owners in Kennedale. To report a car being parked illegally, simply give us a phone or send an email to

There is a time limit before local law enforcement would forcibly tow your car for you if it needs to be towed. If an officer considers your automobile to be a hazard to traffic or an obstacle to movement, your car will be hauled considerably more quickly. 

Zip codes we service in Kennedale include:  76060 and 76140

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