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Need a Jump Start or Battery Replacement in Arlington, Texas?

You’re driving down a countryside in Arlington, Texas, and your car breaks down in the middle of the road. What’s worse, there are no visible cars, and it’s the middle of the night. Your initial reaction is to panic. You try to turn on your car, but to no avail. Something is wrong with the battery. It feels like a scene from a horror movie. But there’s no need to worry. Titan Towing can get there as quickly as possible. We offer all sorts of roadside assistance, such as a jump start or a battery replacement. All you simply have to do is call 817-804-0334.

Signs to Look Out for 

The most obvious sign of a dead battery is when your car doesn’t start. However, sometimes your radio and headlights still work. A battery cranks your engine by providing a high-amperage power to the starter. If your battery is low, it can still power your lights and radio since they require a lower power to start. It just doesn’t have enough power to start your engine. 

If you open up the front of the car, you might notice that the battery is swollen. There might also be an odd smell coming from the battery. In some scenarios, you might even be able to start your engine, but then it dies immediately after again. You either need a battery replacement or a jump start. 

Jump Start

You might be able to jump start your car if your battery is dead. A jump start is a boost that’s provided to start your motor vehicle when it has a discharged or depleted battery. In order to perform this, you need to use the battery of a functioning car and a set of jumper cables.

Titan Towing Will Be There When No One Else Is

Not everyone carries a set of jumper cables, or maybe you forgot them at home. And if there are no other cars around, you can’t perform a jump start even if you had the equipment. But that’s what Titan Towing is here for. We serve all of North Texas, and Arlington is just around the corner. Our team of technicians will bring all the necessary tools to get your battery running again. 

If your car still doesn’t start, we carry back up batteries too. We supply a variety of different batteries to suit any vehicle that you are driving. Our job isn’t done until you are safely at your destination. We can even tow your vehicle to wherever it needs to be.

The Best Towing Company in Arlington, Texas

Titan Towing provides more than just battery replacements and jump starts. We offer all sorts of roadside assistance in Arlington, Texas, to ensure that you are back on the road. If your tire is flat, or you’re locked out of your car, we’ve got you covered. There are times when your vehicle can’t be driven any further; we offer affordable and safe towing services for any type of vehicle. You can trust that your car won’t accumulate any further damages when we are handling it. Just let us know where your destination is, and we’ll bring it over in a timely manner.

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If you are stuck on the roadside in Arlington, Texas, Titan Towing is only a call away. Our service is available 24/7, any day of the year. We are fully licensed and cargo insured for your protection. Our team also provides upfront costs, with no hidden fees. We uphold honesty as much as we strive for customer satisfaction. So, if you need a jump start or a battery replacement, don’t hesitate to call!