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Drowsy Drivers After Daylight Saving Time

Drowsy Drivers After Daylight Saving Time

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There are certain times of year when tow truck drivers are busier and one of those times has to do with time itself. According to the American Automobile Association (AAA), forty percent more drivers are involved in automobile accidents during Daylight Saving Time which results in about 100,000 more accidents across the country. With many more drivers on the road, heavily populated areas such as Arlington, Dallas, and Fort Worth, can make the demand for a tow truck go up each spring and fall when Daylight Saving Time occurs.

Obviously, driving while drowsy can cause accidents and this can be due to many factors besides Daylight Saving Time such as a simple lack of sleep, medications, or extreme stress. Also, it’s not just Daylight Saving Time in the spring, when clocks are set forward and drivers lose an hour of sleep that drowsiness can occur. A person’s internal clock is affected every time external clocks are moved forward or back.

Ironically, it takes time to adjust to a new time, but there are some ways to avoid having to call a tow truck during the transition. WebMD says it can take one day to adjust to one hour of time change, but doing things like going to bed earlier, exposing yourself to more light once you are up for the day, and avoiding caffeine and alcohol can make the transition a little smoother.

In a couple of weeks, On November 1st, the clocks will be moved back an hour once again and undoubtedly, there will be thousands of sleepy drivers on the road. During this time, lots of people wonder how and why Daylight Saving Time came about. states that it was first suggested by Benjamin Franklin in 1784. This might be why many people think it was put in place in the U.S. to allow farmers more time to work their farms. However, “the Germans were the first to officially adopt the light-extending system in 1915 as a fuel-saving measure during World War I. The British switched one year later, and the United States followed in 1918, when Congress passed the Standard Time Act, which established our time zones.” Soon after, it was actually repealed by dairy farmers in 1920 due to the fact that “cows don’t pay attention to clocks”. It was put in place again during World War II, year round, to save on fuel and since then, it’s been used off and on with different start dates. The most recent reason given for DST is that it helps save energy, but that is highly debatable.

No matter why Daylight Saving Time occurs, as the time change approaches, it’s important to keep in mind that drivers in the Dallas Fort Worth area, and around the country, can be adversely affected by it. If an accident happens due to Daylight Saving Time, or for any other reason, tow truck drivers like those at Titan Towing are always available, day or night, to handle your vehicle promptly and professionally. However, being more aware while driving during Daylight Saving Time, or any other time, will help keep the roads safer overall.



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