Your Vehicle’s Towing Capacity

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner. It’s the time of year when people get out on the road to enjoy a vacation or to take advantage of the warmer weather for the weekend. For many in the DFW area, this involves everything from visiting the area lakes, to camping, to car shows, and rodeos. Many of these activities include towing a boat, trailer, camper, or other recreational vehicles. So, it’s always important to know your vehicle’s towing capacity.

Stay Safe While Waiting for a Tow

Some safety tips that many people are aware of while waiting for a tow truck to arrive are to turn on their hazard lights and to make sure their vehicle is out of the way of traffic. There are also several other precautions for drivers in the Dallas Fort Worth area that can ensure you are doing everything possible to keep yourself out of harm’s way until help arrives.

Basic Car Maintenance

There are many reasons someone may need to call a towing company, but having a car break down on the side of the road for poor maintenance should not be one of them. Keeping your car in good running condition is not difficult when you follow a simple schedule and a few basic tips.

Prevent Your Car from Over-Heating

Summers in North Texas can soar to over 100 degrees and hot weather is the number one cause for a car overheating that can result in you needing a tow. However, that’s not the only reason a vehicle may get too hot. Everything from a stuck thermostat to a malfunctioning fan can affect the temperature of your car’s engine.

How to Avoid an Unwanted Tow

There are times when a tow truck driver is a welcome sight. When you have car trouble, or have been locked out of your vehicle, or have been involved in an accident, a tow truck driver, and their expertise might be just what you need. Then, there are times when getting towed is the last thing you need. For those times, using common sense and avoiding any of the instances below, can keep you from an unwanted tow.

Tiny House Towing in DFW

Over the years, Titan Towing has towed more than just cars and trucks in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Take a look at some of the photos on Titan’s Facebook page and you’ll see a Titan truck moving everything from farming equipment to RV’s to U-Hauls with ease and expertise.

Titan Towing News: Year in Review

Titan Towing has had a great year serving our customers and we hope our blogs have provided you with helpful information as you drive throughout DFW and beyond. As the year is coming to a close, we look back on the topics covered by Titan Towing News from safe driving, to technology, to ethical towing practices.

Leave the Middle Man out of Roadside Assistance

One of the most helpful options that full-service towing companies provide is roadside assistance in DFW which includes service for things like flat tires, battery service, fuel delivery, and lockouts. Many insurance companies and credit card companies offer this coverage, but be aware that the services that these companies offer, may not be your best option and can be an unneeded extra cost on your credit card or insurance plan.

Unethical Towing Companies in DFW

If you have had a vehicle towed in the last 15 years in the DFW area that was “illegally” parked at an apartment complex, or other parking facility, chances are good that you were towed by Excalibur Towing or Matrix Tow. These two companies were actually one and the same and the brainchild of their owner Nick Massey. In 2016, Excalibur Towing, eventually Matrix Tow, was shut down by the State of Texas. At the time they were shut down, Excalibur Towing was operating impound facilities in Fort Worth, Arlington, and Dallas. As of August, of last year, they were operating under yet another name in Arkansas. More information about them can be found here.