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Fast and Reliable Abandoned Vehicle Towing in Fort Worth, Texas

Dealing with an abandoned vehicle on your property is never a fun scenario. Why do people just leave their cars there? What’s wrong with it? Apart from it getting in your way or ruining the look of your property, it can also be dangerous. There is no need to deal with a stranger’s car on your property. Give Titan Towing a call today. Our experts deliver fast and reliable abandoned vehicle towing all over the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Let’s get your lot cleared up.

Why People Abandon Their Vehicles

There are all sorts of reasons why people prefer to leave their car on a random property other than their own. The car could have a lot of issues that are too expensive to fix, so people decide to abandon it. Towing the vehicle might be too expensive for them, so the easier option is to leave it on a random property and hope that it gets towed by others. Old cars with an overheated engine– discard. That’s people’s thought process. It’s not worth spending money trying to repair this issue. Instead, it would make a terrible investment, so they abandon their car.

Is Abandoning a Vehicle Punishable?

The short answer is yes. It’s a safety hazard to people, animals, and the environment in general. However, it can sometimes be very difficult to find the owner of the vehicle. This is especially true if records show a specific owner, but they claim that they sold it to someone else.

Why are Abandoned Vehicles a Danger?

Vehicles can release liquids into the soil, such as oil, coolant, and ATF. These liquids contaminate the soil and damage the environment. Animals and other living things suffer greatly from these contaminants. Additionally, the body and components of the vehicle become a threat too. As they start to decay, they release hazardous substances.

What to Do If Vehicle Is Abandonned After an Arrest in Fort Worth, Texas

Unfortunately, many local police departments won’t have a vehicle towed from private property if the operator or driver is arrested. They are too concerned with the person they arrested that the vehicle becomes a nuisance. Of course, if it is left on your property, it is far from a nuisance. Give Titan Towing a call and we will remove the car as soon as possible. We have the right equipment for the job and our drivers have many years of experience. 


The Steps for Getting Rid of Abandoned Vehicle in Fort Worth

Although you can call Titan Towing right away and we can handle it all for you, there are steps you can take as well to simplify the process. Give your local police department a call to ensure that this vehicle isn’t stolen. If it is, the police will take care of it. Contact your local DMV for a certificate of authority to deal with the car. Take pictures of the vehicle (identifying information such as the license plates) and anything inside of the car too. These pictures will help protect you if the owner of the car throws a lawsuit and tries to take action against you. After you have done all of this, give Titan Towing a call.

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Abandoned Vehicle Towing in Fort Worth, Texas

If you are in need of abandoned vehicle towing, get in touch with Titan Towing. Our services are free of charge to the property owner because we get paid once the vehicle is picked up from our facility. We are available 24/7, any day of the year. Don’t put up with the abandoned vehicle another minute– give us a call right away!