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titan towing classic carTowing companies in Arlington, Texas, as well as those throughout North Texas, claim to have the ability to tow many different types of vehicles. However, when it comes to technical ability and a fair price for towing specialized vehicles, not all towing companies are the same. Owners of classic cars, motorcycles, light-duty trucks, and motorized construction equipment should utilize a company well-known for their expertise in specialized towing to ensure it is done effectively.

Classic Cars and Trucks

Owners of classic cars and trucks love their vehicles just as much as they do their family and sometimes even more. They have spent weeks, months, and even years entirely devoted to making their cars and trucks into showpieces. Some like to tow their vehicles to car and truck shows while others sometimes need a tow for mechanical reasons. Whatever the reason, they want to make sure that the towing company they use is skillfully trained. Not using a highly skilled tow truck operator can result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage to classic cars and trucks. Often, the parts needed for these types of vehicles can be rare and sometimes they don't come cheaply. Making sure a towing company has the expertise to tow these types of vehicles is imperative to keeping a large investment in time and money safe.


Motorcycle owners include those who have daily drivers as well as classic motorcycles. Motorcyclists are just as passionate, if not more so, than those with classic cars and trucks. Two or three wheeled vehicles have different towing standards than those with four wheels. It can be challenging to handle a motorcycle tow due to the lighter weight and the need for more balance in handling. If a motorcyclist owns a classic motorcycle, they have often put the same time and money into it as a specialized car and truck owner. Having a motorcycle towed is not as straightforward as some may imagine, so ensuring a towing company has the equipment and knowledge to tow a motorcycle is important to making sure damage does not occur.

titan towing bobcat towLight-duty Trucks and Motorized Construction Equipment

Light-duty trucks can be a towing challenge due to their weight. Smaller towing companies do not usually have the towing capacity to haul these types of vehicles, so making sure a towing operator is aware of the weight restrictions is one of the most important aspects of towing these types of trucks. Motorized construction equipment such as forklifts and bobcats are similar in weight and may need to be towed just as any other motorized vehicle from time-to-time. These pieces of equipment can be costly and should not be handled by a tow truck operator who is not thoroughly trained in how to manage their unique sizes and weights.

Titan Towing operators are thoroughly trained in towing anything up to 10,000 pounds. This not only includes classic cars, trucks, and motorcycles, but other more recent model cars which owners may look at as just as special such as Corvettes, Shelby Cobras, and Porsches. Titan has towed everything from 5th wheel gooseneck trailers, bobcats, forklifts, and U-Haul trucks to heavy items with no wheels such as tool boxes. So, the choice is clear if you need expert towing in Arlington, or anywhere throughout DFW and beyond, Titan Towing operators have the knowledge and expertise to accommodate your specialized towing request.

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Broken Car Young Woman CallsOne of the most helpful options that full-service towing companies provide is roadside assistance in DFW which includes service for things like flat tires, battery service, fuel delivery, and lockouts. Many insurance companies and credit card companies offer this coverage, but be aware that the services that these companies offer, may not be your best option and can be an unneeded extra cost on your credit card or insurance plan.

Unnecessary Extra Costs

According to, costs for roadside assistance can vary widely with very basic plans starting at around $40 to $60 the first year, with increased or additional benefits costing hundreds of dollars a year. Cars with OnStar plans, for GM vehicles, can range from $20 to $35 per month. Consumer Reports also states that credit card companies, such as Chase Bank’s Roadside Dispatch Service costs about $60 per incident and includes towing only up to five miles, and other basic roadside assistance such as tire changing.

Even if you’re one to lock yourself out of your vehicle or run out of gas on a regular basis, paying extra on your insurance policy or paying an on-going or one-time fee to your credit card company for services that they do not specialize in, may not be the best idea. This is not only because it can be costly, but because many people who have tried to utilize these services from their insurance or credit card company have not had the best experience.

Unhappy Insurance and Credit Card Customers

Do a quick Google search for reviews about roadside assistance provided by third parties like insurance and credit card companies and the results may surprise you. Complaints range from “waiting for hours for roadside assistance” to coverage not available in certain areas even when that area is within twenty miles of a major city. This is more than likely because when you’re using a third party to obtain roadside assistance, you’re adding an extra company in the mix which automatically results in more time needed to take care of the problem. Also, oftentimes, the companies offering these services may not know much about towing and roadside assistance at all.

Stressed Woman With A Brokedown CarCall Directly

Calling a full-service towing company, like Titan Towing, directly can help you in a cost-effective, efficient way. Titan Towing helps alleviate unnecessary costs, time, and frustration for whatever your roadsides services needs may be from lock-outs, jump-starts, battery replacement, winch-outs, mud-pulls, recoveries, and fuel deliveries. And, the feedback from Titan Towing’s customers speak volumes about the stellar services that Titan offers. One customer had a bad experience with her insurance company’s roadside assistance, or lack thereof, so she contacted Titan Towing and was helped right away.

Her Yelp Review states:

When our fuel pump went out on a busy Fort Worth highway on a late Saturday night, a call to the insurance company couldn't even find us a tow, despite searching for nearly an hour. I started calling area companies myself and was met with several unanswered calls, a 3 hour wait estimate, and even told by one they could come the following Monday morning. Considering we didn't want to be imprisoned for the next 3-30 hours, I kept making my way down the list.

Thankfully, Chance at Titan answered and said he could get to us in less than an hour, following the drop off he was making. He was not only a clear communicator that exceeded the expectations he set, but also extremely professional and efficient. To top it all off, the total charges came in about $10 under what the insurance company had quoted.

As much as we hated to need their services, this company went above and beyond to make things as seamless as possible.”

The services provided by Titan Towing speak for themselves, so when it comes to roadside assistance think twice about paying extra to your insurance or credit card company and give Titan Towing a call anytime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Towing YardIf you have had a vehicle towed in the last 15 years in the DFW area that was "illegally" parked at an apartment complex, or other parking facility, chances are good that you were towed by Excalibur Towing or Matrix Tow. These two companies were actually one in the same and the brain child of their owner Nick Massey. In 2016, Excalibur Towing, eventually Matrix Tow, was shut down by the State of Texas. At the time they were shut down, Excalibur Towing was operating impound facilities in Fort Worth, Arlington, and Dallas.  As of August, of last year, they were operating under yet another name in Arkansas. More information about them can be found here.

Not all companies that do private property towing or abandoned vehicle removal are created the same. Titan Towing provides these services, but we take our high-level of customer service with us when branching out to provide this type of towing. As a company policy, we do not provide towing for apartment complexes, trailer parks, and other commercial properties that provide housing as its primary focus of business. We have found, over the years, that typically, some managers or management companies will use the towing company to intimidate residents. We have decided, as an ethical company, that this isn't something we are interested in doing to people where they are supposed to feel safe.

We also have stopped offering patrol services for private property accounts and are no longer signing up new properties that are requesting patrol services. We view this practice as predatory. Many times, we have seen drivers from other companies doing things that are unethical to tow a vehicle that was otherwise in compliance with the parking facility requirements. Often, these facility managers are getting a kick-back on every vehicle towed, so they will look the other way when a complaint is made against the contracted towing company. As a result of this, we only provide "On Call Only" services and in our contract, it is clearly defined who is allowed to authorize removal of vehicles from the property. All our calls are recorded should there be any confusion as to who authorized the tow of the vehicle and why.

Towaway ZoneTowing businesses in DFW, and other areas, have earned a bad reputation over the years. There are still unethical towing businesses who are operating and have been fined for the way they conduct business. However, as we mentioned in a previous blog, an important tool that can be used prior to needing a tow, in Texas, is the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) violations database. It can easily be searched, online, to see which towing companies have not complied with Texas licensing laws. The laws are in place to protect Texas consumers from companies that may be out to make a quick buck rather than offering a service built on ethical business practices.

The industry is slowly starting to make a good name for itself again with companies like Titan Towing leading the way. Should you need a towing service with outstanding customer service and the reputation to back it up, then please give us a call or send us an email. We look forward to the opportunity to provide you with our brand of private property and abandoned vehicle removal services!

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Road Trip Car Maintenance TipsSpring Break is here, and, for many, this means a road trip. As much as you might want to just jump in the car and get away, it’s important to take the time for some vehicle maintenance so you don’t end up needing towing in DFW or anywhere else. Whether your plans involve a short trip or a long one, with stops in between, your car will need to be inspected for minor issues that may have the potential to become serious if not dealt with properly.

Pre-Trip Tips

Professional Maintenance

If you’re not skilled at maintaining your vehicle on your own, it’s important to take your vehicle to a professional mechanic, prior to a road trip, to make sure important factors are addressed.

According to, the following are some ways to make sure your car is working well prior to your trip:

  • Check the engine oil and your automatic transmission fluid. If your next oil change or transmission change is due soon, you should take care of it before you leave.
  • Check the engine antifreeze (coolant) level in the overflow tank. Remember, never open the radiator cap if your car engine is hot. Any leaks you discover should be fixed immediately because a lack of coolant while you are traveling may cause the engine to overheat, which can lead to serious damage.
  • If you feel that your battery's cranking speed is slower than before, it is probably time for you to replace it. (Typically, a battery lasts from two to five years.)
  • Check the brake fluid, power steering fluid, and windshield washer reservoir.
  • Change the air filter if you haven't done so recently.
  • Look for anything irregular, including leaks and loose clamps.
  • Check the tire pressure, including the spare, and if you feel any vibration when you are at cruising speed, have your tires balanced. (Uneven tire wear indicates an alignment problem, and improper wheel alignment may cause a car to skid when you are traveling at high speed.)
  • All front-wheel drive and many four-wheel drive cars have constant velocity (CV) joints to transfer the torque to the front wheels, and if a boot is broken, it needs to be replaced before you go on your trip. If you have wheel locks installed in your vehicle, locate the key and the wrench to open the wheel nuts too.
  • Check the horn, the windshield wipers, and all the lights in your car. You should replace the wipers or get rubber refills if they don't clean the windshield perfectly, and have some extra light bulbs on hand, as well. Depending on the season and your location, you should also make sure that the heater and air conditioner are in good working order.
Don’t Rely Solely on GPS

A GPS, or Global Positioning System, is used by most drivers now, but it should not be your sole source for finding your way to your destination. Map out your route, online, and print it out or buy a paper map. GPS, like all technology, can malfunction and you don’t want to be without a map if it stops working. Also, with new road construction, detours may be inevitable, and a recently printed paper map may provide you with more information on the best alternate route.

Make Sure You Have an Owner’s Manual

Your owner’s manual will provide you with the best information about your vehicle while away from home. From how to change a tire, to fuse replacement, to towing capacity, your owner’s manual will help you handle vehicle issues effectively while you’re on the road, so make sure you have one with you. It’s best to review it before you leave so you can make sure you have all the tools you may need such as a jack for a tire change.

Fully Charged Cell Phone

If you have followed all the tips above and still find yourself on the side of the road, don’t forget to have a fully charged cell phone to call for help. Many towing companies throughout the U.S. offer help just like Titan Towing offers roadside assistance in DFW. Also, some insurance companies offer roadside assistance as well.

Taking the time to do a little maintenance and pre-planning before you leave can ensure you avoid some vehicle related issues before they may happen. However, if you still happen to be in the area and need roadside assistance in DFW, Titan Towing can help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Tire and Wheel ServiceThe weather in North Texas can be mild all the way through Thanksgiving, but can get harsh in the winter months, so it’s important to winterize your vehicle prior to the colder temperatures. If not, you may find yourself on the side of a busy road in need of a tow. Although newer vehicles can handle colder weather more so than in the past, there are still some preventative measures that can keep your car or truck running smoothly. has a quick slideshow for reminders on ways to make sure your car is ready when the temperature drops, and the tips below provide more detail.


While the DFW area is not a place where snow tires are necessarily needed, you can experience some problems with your tires when it’s colder outside. In a previous blog, Flat Tire Prevention, we wrote about tire pressure and how heat can affect your tires, but colder air can too. Generally, your tire pressure can drop about one psi for every ten degrees that the temperature drops. A flatter tire can cause you to lose traction on wet, slick, or snow ridden roads, so make sure your tires are inflated to the correct psi when it’s cold.


If you haven’t replaced your battery in a while, it can be more affected by colder weather, especially if you aren’t checking the fluid, cables, and terminals. The cables should be free of cracks and the terminals should not be loose. The battery fluid level should not be below the bottom of the cap. If so, it can be refilled with distilled water.


Replacing or refilling the fluids in your car is one of the best ways to make sure it’s ready for winter.

  • Coolant – Antifreeze, just as its name suggest, keeps water in your engine from freezing. It’s important to have the correct mix of water and antifreeze, so check your vehicle’s manual for more information regarding the specific antifreeze water mixture that is best.
  • Oil – The oil you normally use in your vehicle is probably okay during the winter months in North Texas, just make sure it’s at a good level and change your oil on a regular basis. Some vehicle owners’ manuals suggest switching to a thinner oil when it’s colder outside, so check yours to make sure.
  • Wiper Fluid – Your wiper fluid should be switched to a freeze resistant fluid to keep it flowing regularly when the temperature drops.
Tire and Wheel ServiceFrozen Windshields and Locks

A deicer from an auto-parts store is best for frozen windshields and locks. Just be sure you don’t keep it in your glove box if your locks are frozen. If you can’t make it to the auto-parts store, make a homemade deicer by filling a regular spray bottle with 1/3 water and the rest with isopropyl alcohol (which is basically rubbing alcohol).

Emergency Kit

Even when preventative steps are taken to winterize your vehicle, unforeseen circumstances can still leave you in need of a towing company in DFW in the winter months. If so, having an emergency roadside kit can keep you safer while you’re waiting. Your kit should contain the following items, especially during the wintertime:

  • Flashlight
  • Extra sweater or blanket
  • Gloves
  • Small shovel and small bag of sand or kitty litter to give you traction to get out of snow or ice
  • Ice scraper (if you’re out of deicer)
  • Extra coolant.
  • Snacks

In addition to the above tips, regular maintenance of your vehicle is important to keep it functioning properly. If you can’t do it yourself, take your vehicle to a trusted auto shop for help in winterizing. Also, remember that Titan Towing offers roadside assistance in Arlington and surrounding areas 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year.

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Tire and Wheel ServiceAs a professional towing company in Fort Worth, Titan Towing has worked with many reputable auto repair shops over the years. Unfortunately, there are some automotive shops in DFW who do not put as much emphasis on ethical business practices as some others. So, it’s important to know the signs of a good company who will consistently offer their customers the best in service, products, and repair.

Following are some ways to make sure the body shop you decide to use is customer focused and will do the best job possible to ensure your vehicle is repaired properly.


If an auto-body shop has been in business for many years, that’s a good sign that they are providing their customers with great service. However, that’s not to say that newer businesses aren’t as good. If a newer repair shop has an experienced staff, some who may have even come from older businesses, the expertise you will receive will be reflected in their work. If a company is newer, ask who will be doing the work on your vehicle and when and where they were trained for auto-body work.


A company’s reputation is probably the best indicator of the type of work they will do. The best way to check a company’s reputation is through word-of-mouth and online reviews. If friends and family members have had a good experience with an auto repair shop, the business is more than likely trustworthy. Their past performance for others is a good indicator that the shop will provide repairs that will meet your expectations too.

Inflate tiresCertifications

In addition to experience and a good reputation, a certified auto-body shop is important. Certifications indicate that the necessary training was conducted to ensure employees perform their job based on standards put forth by the certifying body. On-going certification is even more impressive. It shows that the shop has employees with the most up-to-date training needed to fix your car timely and effectively


Warranties can give you the peace of mind that repairs are consistently done well. They can also indicate that only the best automotive parts are used. A trust-worthy auto-body shop will provide a warranty on parts and labor for a specified period. This will give you the peace of mind that if anything does happen to go wrong, the auto shop will cover the repairs without additional costs to you. Make sure to understand the warranty thoroughly, so you will know what to expect should you need to use it.

Much like Titan Towing, many automotive repair shops are committed to providing their customers with the best possible service. Knowing more about a company’s experience, reputation, certifications, and warranties can help put your mind at ease.

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Roadside AssistanceThere are many cheap towing companies in the Arlington area to choose from, but that often translates into unqualified labor and low-quality equipment. Many of the cheapest towing options in the DFW area are companies looking to make a quick buck in a highly populated area. Most have no regard for good customer service or the extra care needed to ensure your vehicle is handled properly. Titan Towing offers friendly, knowledgeable service and has worked hard to build and maintain a stellar reputation in the highly competitive towing industry by not being cheap, but always remaining affordable.

Customer Satisfaction

People have many choices for towing services, but what sets Titan Towing apart is not only affordable pricing but our high regard for customer satisfaction. Of course, a successful company is in business to make money, but Titan knows that this is done through our commitment to our customers’ safety and meeting their needs effectively.

As a full-service towing company, Titan can provide much more than those just offering a cheap tow. In March of last year, a customer provided the following review on Yelp which sums up our commitment to amazing service at affordable prices:

“Great service! Called them because my mother's Sienna stopped running and we needed her car towed to the closest mechanic. Needless to say, Titan Towing came quick and promptly delivered the car in good condition to the shop. Affordable with no extra fees!”

Full-Service at Competitive Prices

From vehicle lockouts to jump starts, winch-out services, flat tires, and fuel delivery, Titan Towing provides customers with services that cheap towing companies just can’t offer. When help is needed quickly, Titan’s expertise gets customers back on the road without them having to pay high fees.

A Google review by a customer, Amber Loyd, four months ago, describes the way a full service towing company like Titan can help you out of a stressful situation. In her five-star review, she says, “When we locked our keys in our car the workers were very friendly and seemed very capable. They did the job quickly with great customer service.”

By keeping our standards high, while still offering affordability, Titan has become the premiere choice for towing services in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. When you’re in need of towing or any other type of roadside assistance, affordable quality matters most. As a full-service towing company, Titan Towing offers the best option for high-quality service at an affordable price.

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No Parking Tow Away ZoneLots of people in DFW have used a towing company when their car has been in a wreck, is in need of repair, or when they need a vehicle moved from one location to another. Many have also utilized a full service towing company, such as Titan Towing, for roadside assistance when they run out of gas, are locked out of their car, or they’re having trouble with minor repairs such as their car battery. So, more often than not, a tow truck operator is a welcome sight to many drivers.

However, there are times when a tow occurs and it wasn’t something you expected. Towing in DFW, and many other areas throughout the country can occur when parking in an unauthorized area. When an unwanted tow occurs, you, as a consumer, do have rights. The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) has put together some guidelines on what to do when your car has been towed.

According to TDLR your rights are:

If you return to your car and it is being hooked-up to a tow truck but IT IS NOT FULLY hooked up and ready for towing, you can keep your car WITHOUT paying a CHARGE. You do not need to prove ownership of the car in this instance.

If you return to your car and IT IS FULLY HOOKED UP, READY FOR TOWING, BUT HAS NOT LEFT THE PARKING LOT, you may keep your car but YOU MUST PAY A DROP FEE. You do not need to prove ownership of the car in this instance either.

Towing a carIf your car has been towed from a parking lot, you can find your car by calling the phone number on the no parking sign. You can recover your car from the vehicle storage facility (VSF) after documenting that you are the owner (or allowed user) and paying the towing and storage fees.

At the VSF, you may have access to your car to get ownership documents. You do not have to pay a fee to do this.

At the VSF, you may have access to your car to recover personal property. You do not have to pay a fee to do this.

You can claim or just access your car 24-hours a day and within one hour if the VSF accepts cars 24-hours a day.

If a VSF does not accept cars 24 hours a day, you may claim your car within one hour of your request between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and midnight Monday -Saturday and from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Sundays except for nationally recognized holidays. VSFs with these hours are not required to release a car after midnight.

You may request a TOW HEARING at any Justice of the Peace Court in the county where your car was towed if you believe your car was wrongfully towed, stored or booted; or if you were charged more than the allowed fee. You must request a tow hearing from the court within 14 days of the tow.

You DO NOT have the right to:

Remove or dismantle any part attached to the car while it is at the VSF.

Retrieve your car from the VSF without paying the towing, storage or other allowed fees.

Have the boot removed without paying the booting fee.

Retrieve your car from the VSF without demonstrating that you are the owner or authorized user of the car.

Obtain your car after it has been removed from the parking facility but before it has been placed in a VSF.

If you find yourself with an unwanted tow, it’s important to know what to do and to know your rights as a car owner. Further, more detailed, information can be found at the TDLR website. Titan towing takes pride in the ethical, professional services we provide to all of our customers and we are happy to share this helpful consumer information with you.

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Tow truck drivers operate in a dangerous world. Every day they face angry drivers while repossessing vehicles, dangerous driving and road conditions, near misses while operating heavy equipment, and close calls on U.S. freeways while hitching up wrecked vehicles.

These are just a few of the reasons why the tow truck market is in a state of emergency, says one broker specializing in this class. Another reason: a crumbling insurance market with fewer and fewer carriers willing to write the business.

Read more at Insurance General...


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Calling a tow truck company in DFW may not be your first choice if you’re having car related issues that have left you by the side of the road. You may think about calling a friend or relative. Or, you may try to fix the problem yourself. However, below are some good reasons that calling a reputable, full-service company like Titan Towing may be your best solution.


First and foremost, safety is the number one reason to call a towing company when you’re stranded in your car. Tow truck drivers are trained to address your vehicle’s issues with your utmost safety in mind. They also have the proper equipment such as safety lights on their truck and road flares or road cones to help keep you and your vehicle safe while they work.


Your car may not have been reliable, and your friends may not either, but you can rely on a good towing company to come to your rescue no matter when you may need them. Tow truck companies are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you don’t have to spend time calling people who may not be available during rush hour traffic or at 2 AM.


When dealing with a stranded vehicle, the expertise of a tow truck driver can be invaluable. Most drivers have been in the business for many years and have worked to resolve almost every car related issues you can think of. They are well-trained to address issues quickly and effectively. Without their knowledge, you may find yourself spending much more time and energy than is necessary.


Some drivers may want to avoid calling a tow truck because they’re afraid of the cost, but the benefits outlined above are why a good towing company is worth the expense. Not using a safe, reliable, skilled professional to assist you with your car may end up costing you more in the long run. For many people, a vehicle is one of their largest investments, so having someone who is trained and knowledgeable in how to tow a vehicle is smart. Not doing so may end up causing expensive damage to your vehicle or someone else’s. Most licensed, reputable tow truck companies in DFW are not as expensive as you might think.

Full-Service Tow Truck Companies Are Not Just for Towing

Even when you’re not in need of a tow, people often forget that a full-service towing company, like Titan, can help with other car related issues as well. From changing a flat tire, to bringing you gas, to recharging or replacing a drained battery, tow truck drivers know how to help. They can even get you back in your car if you’ve locked yourself out.

Any time you may be stranded by the side of the road, think of all of these reasons to call a great, reputable company like Titan Towing. The skilled drivers at Titan can safely, conveniently, and cost-effectively tow your vehicle or get you back on the road.

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